The STR Problem in Oro-Medonte

The STR problem in Oro-Medonte has crept up on the Township over the last few years and threatens the peaceful enjoyment by all residents of their homes and neighbourhoods. Here is what you need to know about the problem so you can become an informed citizen and home owner.

Our intent is not to be exhaustive of everything that is happening as a consequence of disruptive STRs, but rather to help you understand the scope of the problem and what is at stake by not acting to remove disruptive STRs.

What is a “disruptive” short-term rental?

We’ve all seen in the news or read about the stabbings and shootings at short-term rentals around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.Transient visitors to these short-term rentals arriving in large groups of 8 to 20 people or more are often the cause of significant disruption to neighbours and neighbourhoods. Since 2017, reported problems associated with disruptive short-term rentals in Oro-Medonte include:

    • Loud music at any hour of the day or night;
    • Shouting, and profanity at any hour of the day or night;
    • A radio station contest turning a cottage into a rock concert venue with an outdoor sound system, loud music and amplified jokes about disturbing the neighbours.
    • Verbal abuse of neighbours who try to quell the disruption by themselves or after they contact the police;
    • Trespass to neighbouring properties;
    • Dangerous and unlawful use of fireworks;
    • Theft and vandalism of neighbours’ property;
    • Overflowing septic systems;
    • Vehicles parked on lawns, tile beds and along roadways hindering traffic flow and emergency vehicle access;
    • Garbage left at the roadside for days only to be strewn about by animals;
    • Smoke from recreational fires contaminating neighbouring homes at all hours;
    • Public intoxication;
    • Operation of watercraft while consuming intoxicants, endangering the safety of residents using the waterfront;
    • Public urination and defecation;
    • Raucous stags and stagettes including prostitutes plying their trade on the front lawn in mid-afternoon in full public view;
    • Unlawfully discharging firearms in a settlement area while consuming beer and then using the cans for target practice.

After reading these problems, you wouldn’t want to live next to a disruptive short-term rental, would you?

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