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Our Mission

In the past year, Oro-Medonte Good Neighbours Alliance (Good Neighbours) has assisted resident associations from across our Township to come together with a common voice to help Township officials address the problem of disruptive Short-Term Rentals. Our work has resulted in the Joint Submissions signed by twelve Oro-Medonte residents’ associations which were submitted to the Township. Our mission is:

1)  Continue to inform the residents of Oro-Medonte and our local government about the negative impact of disruptive STRs.

2)  Represent residents at the upcoming Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) hearings and support the Township’s efforts to defend its by-laws from operators who want to legalize STRs.

Our Motivation

The volunteers who make up Good Neighbours are permanent residents of Oro-Medonte who understand the impact of STRs and who have heard the fear and the anger in the voices of their fellow ratepayer home owners and have decided to act.  No one should ever have to suffer the way some of our friends and neighbours have suffered. To help you better understand what we have come to know, please read the home owner impact reports found here.

Our Organization

The Oro-Medonte Good Neighbours Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that has grown in the last 4 years as a voice of the community opposed to disruptive STRs.  We are all volunteers and residents of Oro-Medonte.

Our Values

 In working with the residents’ associations and Township officials, Good Neighbours will always conduct itself in a civil and transparent manner.


The Board of Directors for Oro-Medonte Good Neighbours Alliance is:

Kim Pressnail, is a retired civil engineer, educator, researcher and resident of Oro-Medonte since 2014. Passionate about all of his pursuits, Kim is particularly passionate about ensuring that generations that follow have the opportunity to enjoy residential communities that are free from commercial intrusions that tear at the very fabric of our neighbourhoods.

David Johnston, is a business educator and researcher in responsible management and a proud resident of Oro-Medonte since 1994.  He believes that all citizens of Oro-Medonte deserve to live in neighbourhoods where they are safe and can peacefully enjoy their homes with friends and family.

Bryn Pressnail  is a retired medical oncologist. He is a founding doctor of Simcoe Muskoka Regional cancer Centre and board member of the West Oro Ratepayers Association (WORA). Bryn is a long time resident of Shanty Bay.


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