Past Good Neighbours Newsletters

February 2022 Update
  • Read the detailed update to the Neighbourhood Associations
  • Read the impact of the CBRE Tourism Gap Report as it relates to STRs.
  • The Township adopts the report.
Aug/Sept 2021 Newsletter
  • Planners corner:   STRs are found to be commercial businesses by rulings
  • The myth of the business case.
  • The numbers are growing in other townships.
  • Neighbours rally to protect their neighbourhood.
July 13, 2021 Newsletter
  • Planners corner: Uses that are not listed are illegal
  • Land Tribunal preliminary hearing notes
  • Fun pictures from your local STR!

Plus click here for a guide to reporting an issue at a Short Term Rental

May 28, 2021 Newsletter
  • Get your Lawnsign instructions
  • Planners Corner: a 40 year viewpoint
  • Why fund Good Neighbours, Isn’t it the Townships responsibility?  Our answer
  • The upcoming LPAT hearing